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Where to eat in Montpellier

Montpellier has many cheap eating places (which cater to the huge student population) as well as some rather classy and justifiably more expensive restaurants.

Rue des Ecoles Laiques and nearby rue du Pila Saint Gely offer a variety of choices, including Italian, Moraccan, Turkish, Lebanese and of course French fare.

Our recommendations for the restaurants include :

Maison de la Lozère, 27 rue de L'Aiguillerie, which serves specialities of the Lozère region. Excellent value for money.

Les Bains, 6 rue Richelieu, occupies a palm tree shaded courtyard with delightful arcaded rooms.

La Diligence, 2 place Pétrarque, is an atmospheric restaurant set in a vaulted building.

Le Jardin des Sens, 11, av Saint Lazare, reputably one of the best restaurants in France.

For the inexpensive eateries our recommendations include :

La Pita Grecque, 6 rue de la Vieille, near pl. Jean Faures. Great hummus, falafel and kebabs.

La Tomate, 6 rue Four-des-Flammes, renowned is good cuisine française at very reasonable prices.

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